Monthly Archives: November 2017

Career Opportunities

Shaati Education is always looking forward to meeting dynamic teachers who are enthusiastic about education and shaping the future by educating young minds. We are extremely passionate about teaching and supporting both pupils and parents in order to help them achieve their full potential. If you are a teacher or aspiring to be a teacher,…
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Classroom Technologies

Through our partnership with one of the world's largest internet companies, we are able to effectively streamline our delivery of academic material and our communication with both students and parents. Academic information such as assignments, classwork and tests are available on the platform from anywhere in the world. The backing of a multinational corporation ensures reliability and…
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National Reach

With our approach, students from our hometown and from across the country can benefit from our experience in education, leading to better results and a brighter future. Our courses include packages for homeschool registered parents, as well as students who are able to attend contact sessions at our premises. Homeschoolers benefit by having all academic…
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