Classroom Technologies

Through our partnership with one of the world's largest internet companies, we are able to effectively streamline our delivery of academic material and our communication with both students and parents. Academic information such as assignments, classwork and tests are available on the platform from anywhere in the world. The backing of a multinational corporation ensures reliability and stability at all times.

The system is designed in such a way that students participate in a virtual classroom where all information is posted and communication between student and teacher is streamlined. Classwork, assignments and tests are completed on the platform and thus there is no need for any additional software or licencing fees. All that is needed is a computer with an internet connection.

Feedback is given to students on the classroom platform, as well as in reinforcement exercises and in explanations of new concepts. An appointment can be made with the teacher through Google Meet, and whole-class meetings are arranged from time to time also using Google Meet. Students who are enrolled in certain courses will meet with their teacher periodically at Shaati Education where concepts are discussed and assessments are done (for FET Phase learners). Homeschoolers complete their assessments in the comfort of their homes.

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