Apply for enrolment

Starting the enrolment process is as easy as completing the online application form. We will process your application, open a file and create an online account for the student. Upon successful application, an acceptance letter will be sent to the student who will be assigned to the appropriate classes to start their academic work immediately.

Please have the following documentation available as it is required for registration:

First-time students and transfer students from other FET institutions/schools

  1. Identity/passport document
  2. Certified copy of a report of the last grade passed
  3. Transfer card
  4. Up to date concession documents
  5. Signed tuition contract
  6. Signed payment agreement

International students

  1. Certified copy of identity document
  2. Certified copy of passport
  3. Certified copy of study permit
  4. Certified copy of a report of the last grade passed
  5. Transfer card
  6. Up to date concessions
  7. Signed tuition contract
  8. Signed payment agreement
  9. In respect of foreign students applying for admission to an FET qualification, a certificate equivalent to Grade 9 issued by a recognised educational institution is the prerequisite to enrol at Shaati Education.

The tuition and payment contracts are available from Shaati Education. Kindly contact us via the contact form, email or telephone (011 027 2480) to arrange for the documents to be sent to you.

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