The all-in-one option

The full enrollment option is ideal for parents and students that need all the educational scheduling, administration and guidance of a full-time school while keeping the flexibility of studying from anywhere.

The following are included in the Full Enrollment option:

  • Contact with a qualified teacher who guides the student to academic success.
  • Scheduling of academic work on a daily basis ensures that students work throughout the term and are well prepared for assessments.
  • Feedback on the daily, submitted academic work from the teacher to help students progress and reach their potential.
  • Interaction with other students that promote group learning and peer support.
  • Periodic contact sessions with the teacher in a classroom environment where academic work is reviewed and students have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • All FET assessments are done through Shaati Education and the qualification is accredited with SACAI (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute).
  • All Intermediate and Senior Phase assessments are supplied by Shaati Education through our homeschooling facility.
  • Shaati Education takes care of the administrative and registration requirements for parents considering homeschooling.

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