Grades 4 – 6

The Intermediate Phase comprises of Grades 4 to 6. The content complexity increases from Grade 3 as there are additional subjects that learners have to master. The subjects for the Intermediate Phase are:

  • Home language
  • First additional language
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences (History and Geography)
  • Natural Science
  • Life Skills

Shaati eSchool offers homeschool packages for all the grades in the Intermediate Phase. This includes the following:

  • All schoolwork is compiled, planned, distributed and marked by Shaati Education teachers
  • Flexibility in completing schoolwork from anywhere
  • Schoolwork is completed and submitted through the internet
  • Daily scheduling is done for the student
  • All academic work is marked by a SACE registered teacher
  • Feedback is given on a daily basis by the teacher
  • Contact sessions are available at an additional cost
  • All assessments are conducted at home and submitted to be marked by the teacher (arrangements can be made for assessments to be completed at Shaati Educations's premises)
  • The parent is registered at the Department of Basic Education as a homeschool by Shaati Education
  • All mark processing is done by Shaati Education
  • Final reports are issued by the parent registered as a homeschool for Intermediate and Senior Phase students
  • The all-in-one option

    The all-in-one option

    The full enrollment option is ideal for parents and students that need all the educational scheduling, administration and guidance of a full-time school while…

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